Nervogen Review - Official Image NervogenPRO

Nervogen Review | Healthy Nervous System With NervogenPRO

A review focusing on something we’ve recently discovered: NervogenPRO NervogenPRO (also referred to as Nervogen Pro, or simply Nervogen) is a dietary supplement, designed to improve your immune system and keep your nervous system healthy. But just how good is it? What are the ingredients? ...
best sandwich spreads sauces and dips - including how to videos

Best Sandwich Spreads: 13 Delicious Spreads, Dips And Sauces

There’s nothing worse than making yourself a delicious sandwich, just to find out, that there’s no spread in your fridge. Regardless, whether you prefer ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or anything else, that spread, sauce or a dip is probably a must for most sandwich lovers. Did ...
Calcium propionate toxic preservative in bread

Shocking facts about Calcium Propionate: Bread preservative

“Eating sandwiches can be a healthy thing” – Said no one ever. Why is that? Well because sandwich is made of things that (usually) just can’t be healthy at all. Bread is bad for you, while all those artificial sauces aren’t going to help either. ...
healthy keto breads - review of Kelley Herring ketogenic breads

Is “Keto Breads” cookbook by Kelley Herring any good?

Eating bread, sandwiches and similar foods (like pizza for example), basically anything made from dough with a nice thin crust, can truly be addictive. I remember one of my colleagues at work – when we would have lunch, regardless of what the actual meal was, ...
best Tahini Sauce - eastern mediterranean sauce for your sandwich

Tahini sauce: Refreshing Mediterranean sandwich dressing

Buying “Tahini” store shelf product is one thing. Making your own fresh Tahini sauce from organic ingredients is another. We will take no shortcuts here. – We will show you how you can make your own Tahini sauce (from scratch) in 2 simple steps, using ...
perfect mediterranean sandwich with arugula and poached egg

Mediterranean Sandwich with Arugula & Poached Egg

When it comes to “fresh” this sandwich will definitely stand out at the very top. This sandwich is inspired by Mediterranean vibe. It has that stunning flavor that you’d expect being served when visiting a Greek restaurant, or trying out the traditional Spanish cuisine. It ...
beautiful photo of aioli sandwich spread by dalejrsandwich.com

Roasted Garlic Aioli: Appetizing Spread For Your Sandwiches

Let’s first make it clear – What’s the difference between Mayo and Aioli? – Aioli includes garlic and olive oil, while Mayo is made from egg yolks and canola oil. Some people who take things too technically, may argue that this is not the “traditional ...
Toum - Lebanese garlic sauce - Healthy mayo substitute

Toum garlic sauce: A healthy substitute for Mayonnaise

“Toum” – Never heard of it? It is one of the healthiest alternatives that you can use instead of Mayonnaise. Especially for all the garlic fans. Lebanese garlic sauce Toum is pretty easy to make. It still comes with a unique flavor that can be ...
eggplant gluten-free sandwich

Tasty gluten-free Sandwich made of homegrown Eggplants

Eggplants, usually not the most popular vegetable in your garden, can be used as a bread substitute to make some of the tastiest gluten-free sandwiches. In this article we will share a recipe, and a couple of delicious looking photos. You can enjoy making this ...
Hot Sandwich With Cheddar Cheese

Made a Hot Sandwich with Cheddar on top for my daughter

My daughter wanted a snack late in the evening and came begging for a Sandwich. Of course I have a soft spot for kids, everything they desire, I’d try to make it happen. In the end I came up with another hot sandwich, but this ...
DaLejr Burger - Ramsay's burger recreated by me personally

I’ve made 3 astonishing burgers following Gordon Ramsay’s recipe!

We’re usually just having random meat for BBQ, so I decided to spice things up a bit by making a couple of healthy juicy burgers for my family – yeah, you heard that right, healthy! I must apologize because I didn’t take pics in between ...
dalejrsandwich - hot sandwich with grilled peppers

Hot Sandwich With Grilled Peppers

You know that feeling when your wife tells you “I’ll only be making soup for today, we need to eat healthy, blablabla…”. Well there’s nothing better than making a couple of delicious hot sandwiches to go along with “the healthy soup“. Better don’t say it ...

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