Dear all,
We are pleased to present you with our new website DaLejrSandwich.com – Basically the name comes from the term “The Layered Sandwich” we just made it look a bit cooler ._.
In future months and years, we will be adding stories and recipes to this website, which will focus on nothing else but of course, the sandwiches.
Hope you’ll have a fantastic time here, and that our content inspires some great cooking ideas.
DalejrSandwich creator - Grega

Hi, I’m Grega, the creator of DaLejr Sandwich website. I come from Slovenia and, well, I love sandwiches!

Burgers, hot sandwiches, pizza sandwich, BBQ sandwich, Panini, BLT, club, … you name it. I’d take them all!

Enjoy your stay 🙂

DaLejr Sandwich - Burger by Grega

Because we want to present as much content as feasible, do not hesitate to contact us and contribute your own sandwich to our website. See our write for us page, get familiar with terms and conditions, and submit your article with some juicy pictures. We can’t wait to see what you’ve made for us!

We will be delighted to review your article and help you get published.


You can get in touch with us via e-mail (please don’t spam): dalejrsandwich@gmail.com