Hot Sandwich With Cheddar Cheese

Made a Hot Sandwich with Cheddar on top for my daughter

My daughter wanted a snack late in the evening and came begging for a Sandwich. Of course I have a soft spot for kids, everything they desire, I’d try to make it happen. In the end I came up with another hot sandwich, but this time I added some Cheddar cheese, which had nicely spread all over the top due to the heat.

Anyway, my daughter said that the sandwich should be as big as the one that the Booba is having in the cartoon (image below).

booba sandwich from the cartoon

LoL, that was out of the question and not feasible at all. Kids imagination is quite astonishing, I mean how on earth was she planing to eat something in the size of that?

Eventually, we came to an agreement that her sandwich can look a bit like the one below – smaller!

booba sandwich crocodile

So there I was, cutting slices of salami and cheese, while my daughter would be “stealing” those before I could even create a sandwich. Therefore, I had to jump from cutting one thing, back to cutting another once again, cause I would ran out of it.

I made this hot Sandwich with cheddar on top following these steps:

  • The bread, I’d cut it in half.
  • Then I spread some mayo on the bottom half of the bread.
  • And spread cream cheese on the top half of the bread (the inner side).
  • I’d put salami as the 1st layer.
  • Next I added thin layers of Gouda cheese.
  • Then I’d close the thing, putting the upper part of the bread on top of it all.
  • And finally, before putting it in the oven, I have placed slices of Cheddar cheese on the very top.
  • Had left the thing in the oven on 220°C (428°F) for 6-7 minutes.
  • And voila, a very tasty hot sandwich with Cheddar cheese nicely spread all over came out as a result.

Needless to say, my daughter was happy to get some unhealthy food once again 🙂 While the Mom, she wasn’t that happy! ._.

My daughter happy to get a Hot sandwich with Cheddar on top

As long as the kid is happy, right xD

I think besides being obsessed with healthy food, occasionally a person has to consume some unhealthy stuff also. I believe it’s good for improving your immune system. If your body is only used to healthy food, it will be “shocked” when it faces something unhealthy. Therefore, it is advised to eat diverse foods, of which some may not necessarily be all healthy. I believe that a good ratio should be 80/20, 80% being healthy unprocessed food, while 20% should be everything else.

That’s just my opinion, not trying to say I am right about this, but it is how I think.

However, I did stumble upon a couple of articles, that claim that there are certain benefits to eating bad food here and there.

The article basically says that categorizing any food as “good” or “bad” is too simplistic. That some food have a larger amount of health benefits than others, however, eating excess amount of a particular food only (even if it’s considered a healthy food) can have negative impact on your health.

Basically, the key is supposed to be in the variety of your diet, while also leading an active life.

Hope you enjoyed, and that this Hot Sandwich with Cheddar on top will also be something you’ll be making for yourself or your family. Cya

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