perfect mediterranean sandwich with arugula and poached egg

Mediterranean Sandwich with Arugula & Poached Egg

When it comes to “fresh” this sandwich will definitely stand out at the very top.

This sandwich is inspired by Mediterranean vibe. It has that stunning flavor that you’d expect being served when visiting a Greek restaurant, or trying out the traditional Spanish cuisine. It is an opposite of that classic American Mayo sandwich – It is made of colorful, fresh, healthy ingredients that originate from Mediterranean countries.

But there’s a twist to this sandwich – Besides using Mediterranean ingredients, we will top it all with a perfectly poached egg. Now, once you’ll cut into this baby, the egg yolk will come running down the whole thing, leaving you with a delicious dipping liquid.

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Basic Mediterranean elements we’ll be using for this Sandwich:

  • Arugula – Eruca vesicaria aka Rocket salad, a unique leafy green with peppery flavor. It has proven health benefits, among others being effective at preventing osteoporosis, due to number of vital nutrients it contains (including calcium and vitamin K), which are essential for bone health.
  • Tomatoes – The king of Mediterranean cuisine. With the addition of tomatoes your sandwich will gain that extra freshness. My mother sometimes made a salad with arugula and tomatoes as base ingredients, and they work along fantastic.
  • Feta cheese – For this sandwich we will be using feta cheese. Feta cheese originates from Greece and is made from sheep’s milk, while it can also be a combination of both, sheep and goat’s milk. Feta cheese is low in fat (comparing to other cheeses, like Parmesan or Cheddar). Feta cheese contains healthy bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum).
  • Olives – Black olives are strong in flavor so we shouldn’t overuse them. However, the taste that you can get when using moderate to light amount of olives, is simply astonishing! And if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine yourself enjoying coastal experience.
all ingredients for our mediterranean sandwich

We’ll also be using our homemade dressing (or sauce if you will) as a topping for this sandwich. Because of its lightness and freshness, it works great here with the above mentioned ingredients. While you can also just use Mayo, I think it’s not the best choice for this particular sandwich. The sauce we’re using is called the Tahini sauce, which comes from the countries of Eastern Mediterranean.

Of course the recipe for the sauce we’ll be using should, and will, remain a secret… Now that’s a joke 🙂 Lame one huh… Anyway, you can find a complete recipe for Tahini sauce here.

Tahini sauce is dairy-free and vegan. It’s a sauce that will enrich your already perfect Mediterranean sandwich. Besides being very refreshing and rich in flavor, it is also healthy for it is full of fats, vitamins and minerals.

By the way, here’s our homemade bread!

The last delicate part of our refreshing Mediterranean sandwich is a perfectly poached egg.

I see people being “scared” or perhaps “intimidated” by the idea of having to poach an egg. But truthfully, I find it to be quite easy. I’ll share some tips that will definitely work for every newcomer. By the end of this article you will master this technique, even if you have yet to see an egg in your life. It’s easy, trust me.

Before getting into the procedure, the freshness of the eggs is also important. The eggs you’ll be using should be fresh. Don’t use old eggs for poaching. Below you can find step-by-step recipe for poached eggs.

How to poach an egg, perfectly (the do’s and the don’ts):

  1. Put the egg in a ladle –> Crack your egg and put it inside a ladle (the thing used for serving soup). Don’t put more eggs together into one ladle – if you want to make 2 eggs, use 2 ladles.
  2. Boil water in a pot –> In a deep, wide pot, bring water to the boiling point. Once it’s boiling turn down the heat to minimum. The water should be barely simmering.
  3. Add vinegar and salt –> Add one Tbsp of vinegar into the water (vinegar helps egg white coagulate and become solid) – Don’t add too much vinegar, because you don’t want to taste it. Also add salt (a few pinches of it).
  4. Create a swirl –> Now you must create a vortex inside the pot, before you add your eggs into it. Just stir.
  5. Place your eggs inside the pot –> Immediately after you stop stirring, take your ladle and gently slide your egg into the vortex. Do not stir, touch, or do anything once the eggs are inside the pot! I also recommend poaching max 2-3 eggs at once in the same pot. You will get better results if you simply just do one by one.
  6. After cooking for 3-4 minutes take out the eggs –> After leaving your eggs floating inside the simmering water for about 4 minutes, you take out the eggs with the slotted spatula, or better yet, with the sieve.
  7. Get rid of the water residue –> Make sure all the water drips off, before putting the egg on your sandwich. Or you’ll end up having a soggy sandwich.
  8. Place your poached eggs on your sandwich and season them –> Once the egg is carefully placed on your sandwich, season it with a pinch of salt, black pepper, while I also like to add a pinch of oregano.
  9. All done! –> And that’s it. If you done it well, the egg yolk should be pouring down your sandwich once you cut into it.

A step-by-step video showing how to make this Mediterranean sandwich with arugula and poached egg can be found below. Note the astonishing homemade Tahini spread we used on this.

Easy peasy …

So, what are some the most important things to note in general?

1st : getting fresh ingredients. Don’t use industrial stuff if you can get your hands on local fresh stuff. For example, have you ever tried a tomato straight from the garden, and compared its taste to that you get at the grocery store. The “industrial” tomato tastes like water. The fresh, local one is rich in flavor and doesn’t even need salt to be honest.

2nd : Making things from scratch. Yeah, can be time consuming, but try to make as much as possible by yourself from scracth – from raw ingredients. That’s the best way to avoid preservatives, chemicals and shortcuts that are taken with industrial products. I am not just talking about health, I am also talking about the richness of the flavors. Make your own bread, make your own Tahini sauce, if you have a garden use vegetables from your garden for Christ sake. I see people growing things in garden but then buying same stuff at the grocery store. What’s up with that?!

3rd : Be hungry. Probably the most important element!

So we went through all the details, we talked about the ingredients, we talked about the Mediterranean sandwich dressing we’ll be using, we went through the process of poaching an egg. But how to make the actual sandwich?

To make the best, the most delicious, refreshing Mediterranean sandwich with arugula & poached egg, you need two things: Love & Creativity. You need to be passionate about what you’re doing here. If someone says to you “It’s just a sandwich” you should punch them! 🙂

Anyway, making the sandwich, once you have all ingredients prepared is simple. Just build layers as you wish. I did it in this order: I spread some Tahini sauce on the bottom half of the bread, add some arugula leaves, then feta cheese, then some more arugula leaves, than tomato, again arugula leaves, again some feta cheese, you guessed it – arugula again, then I like to put some black cut olive rings. And on the very top goes the poached egg. Spread some Tahini sauce over the egg, a pinch of oregano, black pepper, and salt if needed. Cover your sandwich with the top half of the bread, or leave it open and use the other half for another sandwich. And that’s it.

Enjoy your appetizing Mediterranean sandwich!

Refreshing Mediterranean Sandwich with Arugula & Poached Egg

A complete opposite of your standard American mayo sandwich, this Mediterranean Sandwich is vibrant in colors, rich with taste, and healthy. It's base is arugula (rocket salad) with an addition of a perfectly poached egg. We finish it with this unbelivable dressing called "Tahini".
Total Time 30 mins
Cuisine Mediterranean


  • Food processor


  • Homemade bread (or buns)
  • Arugula (rocket salad)
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Feta cheese
  • Black olives
  • Poached egg
  • Tahini sauce (homemade) (recipe in the linked article)
  • Spices (black pepper, oregano, salt)


  • Slice your bread in two halves.
  • On the bottom half, spread some Tahini sauce.
  • Place a couple of arugula (rocket salad) leaves next.
  • Now it's time to add a layer of feta cheese.
  • Fresh tomato slices come next.
  • Repeat arugula & feta cheese layer.
  • Now add a bit more arugula and mix some olives into this layer also
  • Now you need to poach an egg. Once it's done place your perfectly poached egg on the top.
  • Use Tahini sauce as a dressing, pouring it over the poached egg.
  • Season with oregano, black pepper, and a pinch of salt.
  • Close with the top half of the bread, or have it as an open sandwich.
  • Enjoy your perfect mediterranean sandwhich with arugula and poached egg!

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