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Is “Keto Breads” cookbook by Kelley Herring any good?

Eating bread, sandwiches and similar foods (like pizza for example), basically anything made from dough with a nice thin crust, can truly be addictive. I remember one of my colleagues at work – when we would have lunch, regardless of what the actual meal was, he always ate 2 slices of bread along with it.

I, myself, I am a big (and I really mean BIG) fan of sandwiches and breads. I bet there are millions of people out there who share the same passion with me. What if I told you, that bread doesn’t have to be bad for your health?

Since we run a blog dedicated to sandwiches, we also put (some) effort into making healthy sandwiches. Without having a healthy bread it is quite hard to make your sandwich actually be healthy. It’s junk food after all. But with a couple of tweaks it can become a healthy thing to consume, which will benefit your body.

“Keto Breads”, by Ms. Kelley Herring, is a recipe book that will serve you as a guide for baking tasty homemade breads, following healthy keto & paleo principles.

That’s the whole point of Keto Breads, a cookbook by Kelley Herring (founder of Healing Gourmet). It presents unique recipes that will not only enable you to make your own breads following ketogenic diet principles, but will also make sure that those breads are truly delicious and healthy.

Our goal with this article is to present key contents of Keto Breads cookbook, while also being critical to the quality of this product. We question it – Is it really worth the money? Are the included recipes actually any good? Can you use this cookbook to make appetizing sandwiches to take on a trip or a delicious pizza for your family? Let’s find out.

You can read more (and get the cookbook!) at the official Keto Breads webpage by clicking the image below.

Keto Breads official webpage

We will start with the very basics and with each chapter we will dive deeper. Our goal is to make your decision about whether keto diet is something that would benefit you (at all), and if Keto Breads is actually a good recipe book. We will not base our findings solely on our own opinion / experience, we will also check what other people think of it.

5 life-saving reasons to avoid your “standard” white wheat bread!

Besides knowing the fact your mom told you in the past: “Don’t eat too much bread”, do we really understand why that is?

What are the main reasons that your standard white wheat bread may be hurting you in the long run?

Let’s see the risks of eating white wheat bread:

The way it’s made: Since low-carb diets and gluten-free diets have gain popularity, you probably heard that whole grain bread is better than your typical white wheat bread. And there’s a good explanation behind this claim. Whole grain bread is made of intact wheat kernel, which makes it rich in nutrition, having a fair share of stuff such as zinc, iron, B vitamin, and so on. While the white wheat bread is made by stripping the wheat kernel of its nutrient-rich germ and bran. Due to this, the white wheat bread stays “softer” for a longer time periods, also having longer expiration date.

“The flour used in many commercial baked goods may include an additive that’s been linked to cancer – Potassium bromate.”

Store-bought (white) bread contains synthetic chemicals: White wheat flour of a store-bought bread is refined and bleached. For bleaching, manufacturers most commonly put to use some of these chemicals: Potassium bromate, Benzoyl peroxide, Calcium peroxide, Chlorine, Azodicarbonamide, Nitrogen dioxide, and other. Some of the named chemical agents are actually pretty harmful, for example, potassium bromate can cause disruption of the genetic material within cells, and eventually cause cancer.

Spikes in blood sugar and insulin: Your favorite, most addictive white bread (and there’s a good reason to why it is addictive, but will come back to that later), has one of the highest GI’s (glycemic index). Meaning that it transforms into sugar FAST. Your pancreas is burdened to 110%, to produce enough insulin. These sudden spikes are really bad for you, and they tend to wear you out over the years. Heart disease and type 2 diabetes are common long-term outcomes.

spikes in blood sugar from white wheat bread

Causing an addiction: There is science to why bread is so addictive. Not just any bread – the white wheat bread. Food addiction is real and it all falls down to two compounds: gluteomorphins and casomorphins. Did

Causing obesity: If you wanna gain weight, simply add tons of white bread and pasta to your diet. They don’t fill you up, you can eat lots of it, and you’ll again be hungry soon enough. Essentially, you are inputting more calories into your body, than your body needs for energy.

We could go on, but let’s stop at number 5. These were main risks that are caused by enjoying too much of your standard white wheat bread. Needless to say, Keto Breads “attacks” these issues and presents recipes that don’t cause such negative consequences. Your bread can be healthy yet remain delicious, is one of the key principles that Kelley Herring implemented into her Keto Breads diet plan.

What exactly does “Keto” mean? – Ketogenic diet

“Keto” as a term stands for “ketogenic”. Simply explained it is a form of diet, which focuses on consuming less carbs (low in carbohydrates), while being richer in fats and proteins. It’s nothing new, its been used for over 100 years, and has proven as beneficial with patients suffering from neurological disorders (mainly epilepsy). Of course, it has also gain popularity due to its ability to help people lose weight and generally improving persons’ well-being.

Keto (ketogenic) is basically a low-carb, high-fat diet. While paleo stands for paleolithic (aka caveman diet), trying to avoid modern stuff, processed ingredients and GMOs, rather sticking to natural food sources that have been around for thousands of years.

What’s the logic behind practicing this form of diet? – Cells in a human body prefer to use sugar for energy. Large part of this sugar is gained from carbohydrates. After we ran out of it, the body starts using stored fats (breaking fat down to molecules, called ketone bodies). This process is called ketosis. Once we reach the ketosis phase, our body will be using stored fats to gain energy, until we consume carbohydrates again. Practicing keto diet, you are releasing ketones into the bloodstream.

keto breads - low carb ketogenic diet

The main problem with carbohydrates are the sudden spikes (lows and highs) of blood sugar and insulin. Leading to inflammation and the exhaustion of your body in long-term. Carbs give you sudden input of energy, however, it’s very short-term and even dangerous if you solely depend on this type of energy source. This can eventually lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, fatty liver, Alzheimer’s, chronic physical exhaustion and skin aging, while posing all sorts of threats in correlation to heart related issues.

Therefore, ketogenic diet promotes ketosis process, with the goal of receiving stable energy from healthy fats and proteins, rather than getting it from carbohydrates.

Why is this good? Is it good at all? Below are key benefits according to

  • Reduced appetite and weight loss.
  • Reducing harmful abdominal fat.
  • Lowering blood triglycerides.
  • Improved levels of HDL cholesterol (the good one).
  • Preventing heart related diseases via improving LDL cholesterol levels (the bad one).
  • Reduction of blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • Reduced blood pressure.
  • Fights effectively against Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Treating brain disorders, effective treatment for epilepsy in children.

Who is Kelley Herring? – Author of Keto Breads cookbook

kelley herring author of the Keto Breads recipe book

As we all know by now, Kelley Herring is the author of the Keto Breads recipe book. But this is not the end of it. She’s not “just” an author of this cookbook, she’s famous for lots of other things also.

Here’s who Kelley Herring is (briefly):

  • Specialist in nutritional biochemistry – Kelley Herring academic background is from the fields of biology and chemistry, while she focused her last 20+ years learning about nutritional biochemistry.
  • Founder and the CEO of Healing Gourmet – Organization established in 2000, with the key objective to educate people on the importance of eating local organic food, and fight various diseases by implementing healthy (yet delicious) diet.
  • Successful books by Healing Gourmet – Eat to Fight Cancer, 2005; Eat to Beat Diabetes, 2005; Eat to Boost Fertility, 2006; and many more …
  • Top brands by Healing Gourmet – Wellness Bakeries®, Meal Genius®, Keto Desserts®, Keto Breads®, Healing Protocols®, Instant Pot Masterclass®.

Kelley Herring is the founder of Healing Gourmet, specialist in nutritional biochemistry, and an established author on the subjects of healthy dieting. She’s a big supporter of natural on a mission of creating awareness about the importance of food to the persons’ well-being.

A lot of people seem to neglect the importance of healthy diet. Eating too much junk and not exercising at all, is like using bad fuel for your car engine to run – with time problems are bound to occur. You can read here a scientific article about how homemade low-carb keto bread is so much healthier than your standard store bought bread.

It seems that the study confirmed that processed carbs and sugars are in-fact pretty unhealthy and won’t make you feel “full” over a longer time period. While unprocessed fat does indeed make you feel full for some time, is more natural and doesn’t cause insulin spikes.

Anyway, if we sum it up, the author of Keto Breads, Ms. Herring, is an established author for over 20 years, who has specialized in the field of nutrition. Her organization, Healing Gourmet, has helped hundreds of thousands of people to achieve better health, lose weight, and improve their well-being.

Of course, it’s not only about what you eat, it’s also about how you live – being physically active, not a regular user of pharmaceutical products (legal and illegal drugs, medication), drinking alcohol to moderate level or less, non-smoker, … these are all crucial factors that eventually result in the state of your health.

Inside the Keto Breads cookbook

Keto Breads recipe book contains 111 pages of healthy keto-friendly recipes, which are simple to make yet delicious to taste.

What’s the real value of this book (compared to hundreds of others) is that it eliminates gluteomorphins and casomorphins. Both are opioids – Yeah, you read that right, these two compounds are the reason you get addicted to stuff like bread and pasta (dairy and wheat products usually contain these compounds). It is also the reason why people tend to feel sleepy after they’ve had a meal. The good news is that you’ll learn to make bread excluding those, following Kelley Herring recipes.

This cookbook contains unique recipes for baking delicious breads, pizza dough, bagels, muffins, crackers, sandwiches … sticking to keto-friendly and paleo-friendly diet, eliminating “bad stuff” from your typical bread, which tend to cause illnesses and obesity.

Is it “only” addiction that gluteomorphins and casomorphins cause, or is there more?

  • May cause damage to the lower intestinal lining
  • Malabsorption syndrome (similar to that seen in celiac disease, or gluten intolerance)
  • Malabsorption of calcium, iron, B complex, C, and trace minerals (zinc for example)
  • Poses danger to the health of the brain and immune system.

A fair amount of reasons to avoid the types of bread that include these, I believe…

Anyway, below you can find Keto Breads recipe book table of contents. By checking out the TOC I believe that it’s the easiest way to get an idea of what Kelley Herring diet plan actually includes.

keto breads cookbook content

As you can see this is a bible of healthy low-carb breads.

One of my favorite recipes included in this book is the sesame-onion sandwich bread.

Don’t get me wrong, every recipe included is very tasty, but if I had to pick one (I haven’t tried all of them yet, I am at about one-third) the sesame-onion sandwich was simply amazing.

What are the pro’s of Keto Breads cookbook?

  1. Tons of recipes, page after page.
  2. The “outcome” is not only healthy, but is in-fact also very tasty.
  3. Is a must book for anyone who loves bread, but cares about their weight.
  4. Very professional and supported by scientific facts.
  5. 60-day money back guarantee (if somehow you’re not satisfied).
  6. Cheap price – The book costs only $17 (personally, I would value it higher).

And the con’s?

  1. You need to invest time. You have to be willing to dedicate yourself into making things from scratch. Delete words “instant” and “fast” from your dictionary.
  2. Even though most recipes are simple, there’s still a learning curve – at least if you’re a noob in baking.


Kelley Herring - author photo

It shows that this beautiful woman, invested all her energy into the field of nutrition. I have read many recipe books, but so far this one if among my top 5 for sure.

I am a bread lover … nothing surprising since I am the owner of a “sandwich website”. And having the ability to create bread that is dairy-free, natural, following healthy diet principles is something that I am truly grateful for.

There’s always been two types of chefs and cookbooks to my knowledge:

  • the delicious ones, and
  • the healthy ones.

With this book you’re getting both. As Kelley mentions, she’s been collaborating with nutritionists, doctors and scientists for more than 20 years. She’s very competent, but still brings specialists along on the project.

Keto Breads is a must have for anyone who likes bread. Period.

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