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Best Sandwich Spreads: 13 Delicious Spreads, Dips And Sauces

There’s nothing worse than making yourself a delicious sandwich, just to find out, that there’s no spread in your fridge. Regardless, whether you prefer ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or anything else, that spread, sauce or a dip is probably a must for most sandwich lovers.

Did I just say sandwich twice in the first two sentences? – Sorry, we should all realize that every sauce can be used with variety of foods. Like dipping your french fries into a dip. Or covering your stake with a sauce. Pouring a homemade dressing onto your salad dish. There are no limits when it comes to using spreads, sauces and dips.

In this article we are going to focus on spreads that are meant to be used with breads primarily, but don’t hold back on trying to incorporate them into other dishes. Purpose here is to present our pick of the 13 best sandwich spreads that anyone can make at home (regardless of your cooking skills). Each spread has video included, basic ingredients, a how to make it (recipe), and a link to the creator’s channel.

dipping bread into a tasty dip

When we talk about spreads, most people get association with the supermarket: “Oh, I’m running out of mayo, I need to go to the store and buy more!”

What we fail to realize is the fact that with the smallest amount of effort, we can make fresh homemade sandwich spread that’s surely gonna beat any commercially sold option.

Creating your own homemade spread, sauce, or even a dip, from fresh local ingredients, has its advantages:

  1. Richer in taste and flavors
  2. Healthier than store-bought
  3. Fun to make
  4. Easy and simple process
  5. Proud to share with family, friends and colleagues

Now, we hope that this ultimate list of 13 delicious spreads, dips and sauces will provide you with new ideas, and motivate you into trying out new things. On the list you will find 13 homemade spreads from 10 different authors. I suggest you visit their YouTube channels and check each and everyone of them out. Beside presented spreads all of them have more amazing content out there.

The list is no particular order, every spread included is simply amazing. You just need to figure out, which one suits your taste best.

Let us know which is your favorite homemade sandwich spread? Also let us know if you’ve done any changes to the original recipe and how it turned out in the end?

Below are two of my personal favorites – Hollandaise sauce (left) and Creamy mushroom sauce (right). Don’t they look simply amazing? And these are just 2 snippets of what’s about to come. This article won’t disappoint, I promise. You will find your dream sauce / spread / dip, or whatever it is you’re look for, right here.

Hollandaise sauce

Creamy mushroom sauce

Now, enjoy, and if you’re watching this late at night, I have to apologize in advance, if what you’re about to do next is make yourself a late night snack 🙂 Just don’t start making too much noise waking everyone else in the house!

PS: If you are the owner of one of the mentioned channels that were included in our pick of the best sandwich spreads, I hope it doesn’t bother you that we gave you some additional publicity. If you’d like your video content removed from here, contact us and we’re going to delete it. If not, thanks for sharing, you’re amazing.

1) Vegan Sandwich Spread Made Of Sunflower Seeds

Link to source –> Vibrant Food Stories

Wow, just wow. This is simple yet so rich with taste and everyone, not just vegans, should try this spread.

As seen on Vibrant Food Stories, the recipe includes lots of tomato of different types (fresh, puree, sun dried) combined with a fair amount of sunflower seeds. This is enriched by adding in tomato soaked water and olive oil. Seasoned beautifully with salt and paprika.

Perhaps not just one of the best sandwich spreads taste-wise, but also one of the healthiest.

You may check the linked article if you are wondering what are the health-related benefits of consuming sunflower seeds. The source says that sunflower seeds include a lot of “healthy” fats, are rich with nutrition, and proven to be an effective element in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

It is great when a person knows that something that’s delicious is also good for your health. Don’t give this one a miss.

2) Mayo, Ketchup, Fried Onion & Chili Peppers Dip

Link to source –> Triveni’s Cookbook

This burger sauce may not be as healthy as the previous one, but it’s certainly very appetizing. Being creative you may use it as a dip, due of it’s fine texture.

How it’s made:

  • You start off by frying chopped onions until they get that amazing golden color.
  • Next you chop hot chili peppers into small pieces.
  • In a bowl you mix mayonnaise, ketchup, salt, pepper, and previously made fried onions and chili peppers.
  • Final step, top it all with 1 Tsp of vinegar.
  • Whisk, and there you have it.

You get this fine, a little spicy, burger sauce. If you are not a fan of hot stuff, just use mild chili peppers. But if you want it more spicy, add a hotter type of chili peppers, or simply use more quantity.

Anyway, it can be done as a hot sauce or a mild one. Whichever suits your taste best. Definitely deserves a spot on our ultimate list of the 13 best sandwich spreads, dips and sauces.

3) Roasted Garlic Aioli With Fresh Parsley

Link to source –> DaLejr Sandwich

When talking about best sandwich spreads, aioli has to be included. What’s an “aioli” you may wonder? The simplest explanation we can give is: A bunch of garlic cloves mixed with olive oil, which should come out as creamy (almost fluffy) emulsion. Of course, spices are included, for example: salt, cayenne pepper, …

Originally, the key difference between aioli and mayo is, that mayo is made with egg yolks and oil, which isn’t olive oil (usually canola or groundnut oil), while also being free of garlic.

However, nowadays, the word aioli simply suggests “an improved”, garlic-infused mayo. In my roasted garlic aioli dip, I used homemade mayonnaise as one of the ingredients.

I must say that the roasted garlic is fantastic. It gives more flavor to this dip and compared to mayonnaise, the taste is stronger and richer. Roasted garlic aioli can be used with breads, sandwiches, pizza, french fries, chips, … you name it! It can be used as spread, sauce, or (my personal favorite) a dip.

Simple to make: just roast your garlic, prepare your ingredients, throw them all in a bowl, process thoroughly with immersion blender, and voila! Your homemade aioli is done.

4) Homemade Garlic Basil Mayonnaise

Link to source –> Food Wishes

What’s better than homemade mayonnaise? – Homemade garlic & basil mayonnaise.

Simple recipe, where the devil is in the details. You can screw up the process if you’re not careful pretty easily. While if you are familiar with all the important little steps, you’ll have this done in a matter of minutes.

Your key ingredients here are:

  • Egg yolks,
  • Basil,
  • Garlic,
  • Lemon juice,
  • Dijon mustard,
  • Oil,
  • Salt,
  • Cayenne pepper.

Using immersion blender to mix the ingredients, you have to pay attention. There are 2 very important factors, that will either make or break your new sandwich sauce:

  1. The container you’re using for mixing, should have the diameter of about the same size as the immersion blender bottom part (where blades are). Using a container, which is too wide, just won’t do it.
  2. Press-release technique. You’re not gradually adding oil into the container. You have all the ingredients inside at once. The most important thing is to keep the blender blades at the bottom of the container, and to press-release the power button (1 second mixing, few seconds stop). Until you get that mayo-like consistency of the sauce. If you don’t do the press-release, or if you pull up the blades to soon, you will be left with “a bad product”.

5) Refreshing Tzatziki Sauce

Link to source –> Akis Petretzikis

In the above video Akis shows us one his masterpieces – the Tzatziki sauce.

No Greek souvlaki, gyro and kebab should be served without Tzatziki sauce. If you’re craving for something more healthy and refreshing, Tzatziki is the way to go. Based on yogurt, including cucumber, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, dill, pepper and salt, it forms a delicious, visually appealing sauce, which, if you haven’t tried yet, you have absolutely no idea what you’re missing out on.

I love Mr. Petretzikis channel and watch his videos frequently. He makes astonishing dishes with beautiful videos, primarily focusing on Greek cuisine.

When we went on a mission to create this list of the best sandwich spreads that are out of this world, we instantly knew that Tzatziki sauce just has to be included as one of the best sandwich spreads ever to be created.

6) Buttery Hollandaise Sauce

Link to source –> Secerko’s Kitchen

Used as essential ingredient with eggs Benedict, the Hollandaise sauce, is for all you guys who can’t resist butter whenever it’s served on a table.

Buttery, creamy, rich with taste, this sauce is going to elevate your dish into another level. How hard is it to make? – It’s actually pretty simple, compared to some other spreads, sauces and dips on this list. The ingredients you’ll be needing for Hollandaise sauce are:

  • butter,
  • egg yolks,
  • lemon juice,
  • water,
  • and salt.
  • (black pepper optionally)
  • (white vine vinegar optionally)

Check out Secerko’s Kitchen for complete recipe. I was astonished by how simple, and how visually appealing Hollandaise sauce is. I had family visiting, so I made eggs Benedict for breakfast. It didn’t seem anything special to me, but they were amazed: “Wow, what’s that? How did you make this sauce?” and similar compliments.

If you want a recipe for eggs Benedict, go ahead and take a look. You’ll master this in no time. May seem complicated at first but once you try it two or three times, it’s not that scary anymore. And as Gordon Ramsay says: “Secret behind good eggs Benedict is in the Hollandaise!” – You will notice Gordon Ramsay uses a completely different technique compared to the one on the video above. Use whichever you like best. Ramsay’s is a bit harder, but probably more true to the original recipe.

We’re mostly talking about eggs Benedict, however, this sauce can be used on a whole bunch of things. Breads, sandwiches, potato chips (as a dip), I even tried it with french fries. Sky is the limit. Use your creativeness and don’t be afraid to experiment with food.

7) “Baba Ghanoush” – Roasted Eggplant Sandwich Spread

Link to source –> Food Wishes

Ever heard of “Baba Ghanoush”? – Yeah me neither. What I do know is that I love eggplants, but I usually make them as a side dish when hosting a BBQ party. I have never thought about making a spread for sandwiches, or even a dip for all sorts of salty baked goods. I am happy to find this, because this roasted eggplant spread looks very appetizing to me personally.

I will publish my experience of making it soon, I believe. Because I just have to try this amazing recipe by Food Wishes. If you haven’t checked their channel yet, you should do that ASAP, because you’ll find tons of quality videos there at one spot.

Anyway, if you’re like me, if you like the taste of eggplants, give this one a shot.

Eggplants, Tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, … these are just some elements of Baba Ghanoush.

I’d like to comment on it’s taste, but as I said, I haven’t tried it yet. Will do it soon though. “How come it’s on the list of the best sandwich spreads, if you haven’t tried it yet,” you may wonder? Well, because this is my blog, my rules, and if something looks completely delicious to me, I will include it here. And sooner or later I will try it. If I didn’t include it, I’d forget about it. Now I have my personal reminder right here, on my website, to give this one a try.

It is innovative, beautifully captured on video, looks astonishing – It has to be good.

8) Mediterranean Tahini Dressing

Link to source –> DaLejr Sandwich

“Tahini” is a very special Eastern Mediterranean sandwich sauce, which can even work as a salad dressing.

Not long ago, we used Tahini as a sauce on one of our sandwiches inspired by Mediterranean flavors (feta cheese, arugula and tomato sandwich, with poached egg on top). Drizzling some Tahini sauce over it turned out to be very appetizing. It creates new sensations, gives you a very pleasurable taste, while also being rich with nutrition.

It is based on sesame seeds, as these small fellas present the key ingredient of Tahini. Local Tahini producers say, that the type and the quality of sesame seeds is one of the most important factors for making the most delicious Tahini. Preferred type of sesame seeds are hulled sesame seeds. If you’d like to make this Mediterranean sauce yourself, don’t miss out on our recipe. But beware, it can be quite addictive!

On DaLejrSandwich website, Tahini is one of those sandwich sauces that we loved the most (easily top 3). By the way, did we mention it’s 100% vegan?

9) Chicken Liver Pate

Link to source –> Food Channel L

Chicken liver – not for everyone. Pate – also not for everyone. But for those, who like it, this meat-based sandwich spread should be very good. Vegans and vegetarians, skip this video if you don’t want to be in tears by the end of it. Meat lover, feast your eyes on this! It’s full, it’s tasty, it’s delicious.

  • Garlic,
  • Shallots,
  • Butter,
  • Chicken liver,
  • All kinds of seasoning (salt, pepper, thyme, bay leaf, and even Brandy!).

These are just a couple of ingredients you’ll be putting into your new homemade chicken liver pate, which works as a truly remarkable sandwich spread. Use it with bread, use it with anything that you dare to use pate with. The freshness of the ingredients will provide that extra flavor.

You can make a similar pate, with different type of liver, or even with a different type of meat.

One great thing you can always do is, if you are left with some leftovers of meat (for example when you’re hosting larger crowd for dinner) and you don’t want to eat the same leftovers tomorrow for lunch, you can turn that meat into pate – Simply follow the same recipe as seen on the above video, just use your leftovers instead of the chicken livers.

10) Perfect Homemade Mayonnaise By Gordon Ramsay

Link to source –> Gordon Ramsay

If you remember the garlic and basil mayo from one of the previous chapters, you can make a normal mayo with the exact same technique, eliminating basil and garlic of course.

But just for the sake of fun, we included here a different technique of making the original mayo (different process compared to the one we saw in garlic-basil mayo). This technique is presented by Gordon Ramsay.

What I noticed immediately was that in the case of garlic-basil mayo by food wishes, they add salt in the very beginning, straight on to the egg yolks. While in this original homemade mayonnaise recipe by Gordon Ramsay, Gordon says: “Season in the very end when the mayo is done. Never add salt directly on the egg yolks, because that will ruin the yolks!”

I think to myself: “Hmm, who’s right here? When should one add salt to mayo?”

The answer is, that there’s no correct answer. Ramsay seems to be a huge advocate, of adding salt after, and never onto the egg yolks. While there are people, other chefs, who claim otherwise. Anyway, some chemical reaction takes place, resulting in a different outcome. Which one is better, you decide. Here’s a great experiment done by Their findings were indeed very interesting. One may think “Who cares when you add salt,” however, salt actually does impact egg yolks a lot.

Experiment, and see which recipe tastes better to you.

11) Creamy Mushroom Sandwich Sauce

Link to source –> Kitchen Daddy

Oh. This!

This one is one of my favorites. I am a mushroom freak. And if you’re anything like me, in love with dishes that include creamy mushroom sauce, you’re really going to enjoy this sauce.

I could eat this sauce as it is, like a soup! It’s that appetizing. But when combined with a toast or a sandwich, this sauce will surely present an indispensable element.

Fresh mushrooms, butter, heavy cream and parsley. That’s all you’ll need.

Season it with a pinch of salt and pepper.

In the eyes of others you’ll be the master, when all it takes are a couple of simple steps, quality ingredients, and readiness to be self-amazed by your own work.

And you’ve probably never heard about riboflavin & niacin – Those are two ingredients in mushrooms, which come with important health benefits. Riboflavin is good for erythrocytes (red blood cells), which play a vital role providing your body with oxygen. While niacin is an ingredient correlated with healthy skin and a proper digestion. Therefore, when you’ll be eating this, know that you’re doing something good for your health and beauty 😉

Must be in the top 3 of the best sandwich spreads of all time.

12) “Toum” – Lebanese Garlic Sauce

Link to source –> DaLejr Sandwich

We won’t be going into details about this Lebanese sauce called “Toum”. You can find a complete recipe here.

Let’s just say, that every garlic lover NEEDS to try this. The process is similar to the one of making mayonnaise (slowly adding oil into the food processing unit). However, there’s a lot of garlic in this sauce, while you’ll also notice the inclusion of freshly squeezed lemon juice. If we try to describe the taste, Toum comes out being refreshing and garlicky. And if you’re having date in the evening it’s probably best to avoid this sauce!

Lemon juice, garlic, oil, salt, (and optionally egg whites), are the key ingredients of the Toum.

Toum is one of the healthiest mayo substitutes, it’s delicious, has a strong distinctive taste, and once you get used to it, you’ll definitely want to use with everything. Not just sandwiches!

13) Creative Avocado Sandwich Spread

Link to source –> Yummy Addiction

Avocado (Persea americana) is a tree with an already rich history. The Aztecs were known to grow avocado trees to enjoy it’s fruit, avocado pear (or simply avocado), which is actually a large berry with one large seed in the middle.

In modern days, avocados can be found in tropical parts of the earth. It is cultivated in Mexico, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Israel, … 34% of complete production of avocados, can be traced back to Mexico, which is the largest avocado producer.

Avocado may seem like “just another fruit”, but it’s much more than that. It has its unique benefits, and it can in-fact be used as the key ingredient for another perfect sandwich spread.

In the above video by Yummy Addiction, you can find one of the best recipes for avocado spread. Use it for breakfast, with all types of dishes that include bread, while I also tried it with roasted chicken and the combination worked nicely.

The recipe for this creamy avocado spread includes:

  • Cheese cream,
  • Lemon juice,
  • Salt,
  • Black pepper,
  • Eggs,
  • Dill,
  • Avocado.
  • Blend, and you’re done.

Best Sandwich Spreads, Dips And Sauces – Your Favorite?

best sandwich spreads - ultimate list of delicious spreads sauces and dips

In this article, we showcased 13 original recipes of delicious spreads, dips and sauces.

We tried to present a variety of different tastes, where anyone should find something they like the most: from vegan sauces, vegetarian dips, meat-based pate, mayonnaise, aioli, unique Greek spreads, etc. If you know what you want your sandwich sauce to be based on, you can easily find something suitable for your taste among the presented recipes.

A big thank you goes to all people behind the YouTube channels, who created the video content, showing us step-by-step how each of these spreads can be done at home.

My advice, whichever sandwich sauce you’ll be making, always try using fresh, seasonal ingredients of local origins. Avoiding any shortcuts, imported and non-seasonal stuff. I believe this to be the right way, from a taste and health point of view. But that’s just me. I would like to know your opinion on this – What do you think one should pay attention to, when “harvesting” the ingredients for their sandwich spread / sauce / dip?

I hope that one of the 13 spreads presented here, did indeed shock you – In a good way, of course!

Remember to use these spreads, dips & sauces:

  • When you’re having friends over, serve it as a dipping sauce for chips;
  • When you’re having a BBQ picnic, use your new homemade sauce with those juicy burgers;
  • When you’ve prepared breakfast for your family,
  • When you’re making yourself a sandwich,
  • And dozen of other creative ways you can think of.

Anyway, let us know in the comment section, which sandwich sauce you like the most? And vice-versa, which one you don’t enjoy and why? Btw, did you managed to mess up the recipe? Did you attempt go sour? Share your experience with us!

Also don’t forget to tell us, if you recommend including any other sandwich spread on this list, that we perhaps forgot. With time and with your suggestions, I hope we can upgrade this list to more than 20 tasty sandwich spreads. If you have your video, send it to us and we’re going to include it (if it’s top notch!).

Now, thank you so much for your visit, and I sincerely hope you found something fun, inspiring, and of course, tasty! At we always try our best to provide valuable and interesting content, on culinary topics, mostly related to sandwiches in one way or the.

See you around!

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