best Tahini Sauce - eastern mediterranean sauce for your sandwich

Tahini sauce: Refreshing Mediterranean sandwich dressing

Buying “Tahini” store shelf product is one thing. Making your own fresh Tahini sauce from organic ingredients is another.

We will take no shortcuts here. – We will show you how you can make your own Tahini sauce (from scratch) in 2 simple steps, using 8 healthy & organic ingredients. Hope you enjoy!

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already heard of this Eastern Mediterranean sauce called “Tahini”. However, if you haven’t, let us make a brief presentation before diving into the “How to make it” part.

Let’s begin with the origins. – Tahini goes way back. First mention of Tahini can be found in the 1300s inside an anonymous Arabic cookbook entitled Kitab Wasf al-Atima al-Mutada [1]. For centuries Tahini has been used in countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, while it first became available in American stores around the 1940s. The word itself means “to grind”.

What’s its base? – The base of Tahini are sesame seeds.

hulled vs unhulled sesame seeds for Tahini

What can it be used for? – There are basically no limits. Most people are familiar with its use for Humus. However, Tahini can be used as a spread, dressing or a dip. You can use it with salads, sandwiches, burgers, fries… Once you use it, you will want to put it on everything. It really is a dreamy Eastern Mediterranean sandwich dressing, that isn’t limited to sandwiches only. I enjoy dipping my Keto Breads into this delicious Tahini sauce. It’s simply amazing.

Are there any health benefits? – Actually lots of them. Tahini is rich with nutrition and includes “good fat”. It is something that vegetarians and vegans should highly benefit from due to a ridiculous amount of calcium one gets from consuming it. While there’s also a great deal of vitamin B, E, magnesium and calcium that your body will be benefiting from.

Is Tahini a paste or a Sauce? – Both. To make Tahini you first need to make the Tahini paste. You make this by lightly toasting and afterwards grinding your sesame seeds. Some people like to eat it as it is – a paste. However, to get the Tahini sauce, further steps are required. Basically the paste is just one of the ingredients (an input) for the Tahini sauce, dip, or a dressing. In this article we will 1st show how to make the paste, and then elevate things by showing how to make the most amazing, delicious & dreamy Tahini sauce. We will be using a traditional Eastern Mediterranean method.

How to make the Tahini paste from sesame seeds

The store bought “Tahini paste” is OK, but it has so much less flavor compared to what you can make at home. The Tahini products available in stores also (in many cases) contain synthetic ingredients (preservatives), that prolong its shelf life.

Making Tahini paste at home is actually pretty simple. There’s no art to it and you’ll only be requiring 3 ingredients. That’s why we recommend making it from scratch.

“Tahini paste” is the key ingredient for your dreamy Tahini dressing. It would be a shame if you used store bought Tahini paste for your new favorite Tahini sauce. Better make it from scratch and fully enjoy its rich taste, free of any synthetic preservatives.

Here’s what you’ll be need to make the Tahini paste:

  • Sesame seeds – Hulled, preferred to unhulled [1.5 cup]
  • Oil – Grapeseed, or if you’re a fan of olive oil you may also use it [5 Tbsp]
  • Salt – According to your taste [a pinch or two]

Video: How to make the “Tahini paste” step by step:

  1. Toasting – You should lightly toast the sesame seeds. Be careful not to burn them. Just use a wide pan, not to much heat, and make sure you stir while toasting the seeds. You’ll know that they’re done, when you see a slight change of color and when you can smell the aroma (fragrance).
  2. Processing – Move the toasted sesame seeds into the food processor. Process until you get a fine crumbly texture.
  3. Adding oil – Now it’s time to make the Tahini into a smooth paste. This is done by adding oil. Around 5 table spoons should do it, but it depends on the amount of seeds you’ve began with. Also, you should add oil gradually, processing in between (scrape down repeatedly whatever sticks to the walls of a food processor). How you know when you’re done? – When you’re left with a smooth paste-like texture.
  4. Seasoning with salt – (Optional) but if you do it, process again after you added a pinch or two of salt into the concoction.
  5. Storing – Use an airtight glass container to store your Tahini paste in. Inside the refrigerator it should last up to one month.

And that’s it. You have just made a homemade Tahini paste from scratch! In the continuation we will also show, how you can use the Tahini paste, to make one of the best sandwich sauces – the Tahini dressing.

Making one of the best Mediterranean sandwich dressings, the Tahini sauce

In previous chapter, we’ve made one of the key ingredients for the Tahini sauce – the paste. However, making the sauce requires a couple of tweaks. Again, it’s no big deal – a simple process of mixing together a couple things that will all together form an amazing dressing, which can be used as a sandwich sauce. This dressing is called the Tahini sauce.

We actually used this exact sauce for our Mediterranean sandwich with arugula and poached egg. If you haven’t tried that already, you definitely should.

Tahini sauce –> here are the base ingredients:

  • Tahini paste – Which we’ve made in the previous chapter, but you can also use store bought [0.5 cup]
  • Garlic – We will use pestle and mortar to crush garlic and salt into a paste [2 garlic cloves]
  • Lime juice – While you can also use lemon juice, lime seems better to me [0.5 cup]
  • Olive oil – Olive oil will give this sauce an even richer taste [1 Tbsp]
  • Sea salt – Taste, you don’t want it to be too salty, can always add salt later [two pinches]
  • Cumin – This spice goes well with Tahini sauce [a pinch]
  • Cayenne pepper – Will bring flavors to a higher level [a pinch]
  • Parsley – Freshly chopped parsley [1 cup]

In the video below, you can find a complete recipe for this incredible authentic Tahini sauce!

Here’s what we did to create the perfect Tahini sandwich dressing.

Step #1: Creating garlic paste

Into the mortar first put a pinch of cumin and mince it. Also add cayenne, salt and 2 (or 3) garlic cloves. Use pestle for crushing this mixture into a paste. It’s quite of an exercise to be honest. Once you get a fine paste-like-looking-thingy, you’re done with this step.

Step #2: Using food processor

Basically, just mix all key ingredients together. Inside the food processor you’ll be adding the garlic paste you’ve just made, and the Tahini paste we’ve made in the previous chapter, while also spilling over about 0.5 cup of lime juice. Close the lid and start processing. If it thickens up, add more lime juice, or better yet, simply add some cold water. You wanna get a fine, dressing-like consistency of this sauce.

Step #3: Final touch – Parsley

parsley growing in garden

Our Tahini sauce feels so much fresher when you add parsley into the concoction. I like to use lots of parsley – fresh parsley harvested from the garden. And I don’t break it into a very small pieces. I use a knife to cut parsley into a medium-sized leaves. Once I’m satisfied with the quantity and the size of the pieces, I whisk parsley into my Tahini sauce.

And that’s how we created the best Tahini sandwich dressing, which is truly appetizing and delicious! Once you try it, you will want it to use Tahini sauce with just about every dish. It’s addictive, so beware 🙂 And it’s so much healthier than Ketchup or Mayo.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions.

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