Toum - Lebanese garlic sauce - Healthy mayo substitute

Toum garlic sauce: A healthy substitute for Mayonnaise

Toum” – Never heard of it? It is one of the healthiest alternatives that you can use instead of Mayonnaise. Especially for all the garlic fans.

Lebanese garlic sauce Toum is pretty easy to make. It still comes with a unique flavor that can be used as a dressing or a dipping sauce for sandwiches, barbecue, pizza or you can even add it to your pasta. The process, how to make it, is similar to the mayo making procedure.

This was my first attempt and I am quite happy with how it turned out.

About the taste:

  • The taste of garlic is not as strong as I eventually thought it’ll be.
  • The lemon juice adds a really nice freshness to it.
  • From 1-10, I personally like it around 6, maybe 7.

However, because it is so much healthier than mayo, I still tend to use it quite often. What health benefits am I talking about? Let’s take a look at just some benefits of garlic:

  • Cleanses your body – including liver – and helps with detoxification. [1]
  • Reduces blood pressure, preventing cardiovascular diseases and heart problems. [2]
  • Improving sports performance and fighting fatigue. [3]
  • Boosting immune system and preventing illness. [4]
  • It is thought that garlic prevents Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. [5]

There’s also one big downside. When you decide to add Toum diet, do not expect having anything exciting with your boyfriend or girlfriend that day. Or maybe even the day after. My wife made me sleep on a couch the day I ate this (that’s not a joke!).

Above, you can see the ingredients used to make Toum. Although, you’ll find a number of different recipes – some include egg-white, some not. Some include chickpeas, some not. Anyway, just be creative. Include those stuff that you personally enjoy eating.

What I used to make my Toum garlic sauce?

Fresh garlic – Including the garlic germs, because I think that’s the heart of garlic and should never be removed!

Fresh lemons – Extract the juice from fresh lemons.

Egg white – It will make a better texture of your Toum sauce

Cold water – You’ll only need a little bit of it (same amount as lemon juice)

Salt – I used table salt, but you can go with kosher salt too.

And oil – You’ll need plenty of that. Don’t use olive oil, better use grapeseed oil or something neutral.

How to make it? Find the video below!

The most important thing is to add oil very (and I mean VERY) slowly into the mix. Use food processing unit and mix things up gradually.

The mistake would be to just add bunch of everything in from the start, and then begin mixing it with the food processor. The texture will not be good if you do that. That is the reason you should slowly add ingredients and don’t rush it.

In the video you can see how much salt I added. I should add a bit less. My Toum turned out to be just a bit too salty. If it’s not salty enough you can add salt in the end anyway, so there’s no need to add too much at the beginning like I did. It was a mistake.

Mayonnaise has gained a reputation of one of the unhealthiest dressings, that supposedly increases risk of heart disease, including LDL cholesterol (the bad one). Still, we love it. However, I believe, that replacing Mayo with Toum, comes with benefits for your health, while still being delicious and very rich in flavors. When you have some free time on your hands, you should definitely try making Toum at home.

And I hope that our video on How to make Toum at Home will help you create this fresh garlic sauce even if you never done it before.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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